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🌟✨ "Creating Brightness Riding the Dragon's Momentum Setting Sail on Dreams" Successfully Concluded ✨🌟 Our deepest gratitude is love❤️, for it's with your participation, that the grand ceremony of "Creating Brightness Riding the Dragon's Momentum Setting Sail on Dreams" was able to take place as scheduled and conclude successfully. On ...

3 February 2024
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C1Q2 Leadership Conference

During these two days at the C1Q2 Leadership Conference, we jointly underwent a fulfilling and profoundly meaningful journey. This meeting not only provided us with valuable learning opportunities but...

12 Dec 2023

NDT Day 2

🌟 C1Q2 NDT Training, Day Two Successfully Concludes! Thanks to every C1 Q2 distributor for their enthusiastic participation and efforts, making this day vibrant and fruitful! 🚀 Today’s sessions...

22 Nov 2023

NDT Day 1

🌟 C1Q2 NDT Training Day One, November 21, 2023, Spectacularly Begins! 🙌 A big thank you to C1Q2 CEO Nic Lim, Organizational Business General Manager Jasmond Ng, Business Head Coach Teacher Moon,...

21 Nov 2023

C1Q2 First Entrepreneur Seminar

The first Entrepreneur Seminar in 2023 has concluded successfully on January 15, 2023. The response was overwhelming and it was a great success. At the same time, the war drum of 2023 is beating, and...

19 Jan 2023