NDT Day 1

🌟 C1Q2 NDT Training Day One, November 21, 2023, Spectacularly Begins!

πŸ™Œ A big thank you to C1Q2 CEO Nic Lim, Organizational Business General Manager Jasmond Ng, Business Head Coach Teacher Moon, and our star host Huohuo, for bringing us an exceptionally wonderful training and presentation! πŸ“š In just one day, we covered million-dollar organizational marketing strategies, million-dollar income benefit systems, and learned how to get started, how to list, and the ABC rule. The post-lunch session even included a fun team-building activity! πŸ”₯ C1Q2 distributors showed an enthusiastic learning attitude, and their active participation was incredibly rewarding! What’s more admirable was everyone’s effort towards teamwork, striving to achieve high scores. This team spirit is touching and a commendable example! πŸ’ͺ We look forward to the upcoming training sessions, more exciting learning, and team collaboration, working together for C1Q2 brilliant future! 🌟 Follow C1Q2, create the future! πŸš€ πŸ” Don’t forget to follow C1Q2! We are starting a new chapter, gathering wisdom and innovation, helping you on your path to success! πŸ‘€ Stay tuned for our latest updates, explore more opportunities together, and create brilliance!