Our story

Life Should Not Have Limits
So Dream Without Limits

Our life is short but filled with infinite possibilities. These infinite possibilities outline the imaginary blueprint in our hearts—which we call a “dream”.

We listen to every dream in every corner. Whether they are young, in their prime, with a roaring or whispering voice, big and small, or ups and downs. Every voice is full of infinite possibilities, ambition, and high aspirations.

A dream is akin to a jigsaw puzzle, and every small piece is essential and indispensable.

Through three jigsaw puzzles, we extend the field of life to infinity, and ambitions lead us to a definite aim in life.

Health Puzzle: Health is the foundation for achieving dreams; using the correct method, taking the right product, and moving forward safely.

Partner Puzzle: Partners are good friends who achieve dreams together; they are united and committed to one another, fight alongside, and move forward hand in hand.

Platform Puzzle: The platform is the wealth of sustainable dreams to share resources, create value, and move forward together.

Every piece of the puzzle held in the hand contains courage, enthusiasm, cooperation, and sincerity.

You are not alone in weaving your dreams. We are with you to put together every piece of the puzzle and discover the divine blueprint for your life from the mountaintop.

The blueprint allows you to move to the top of the world, from being ordinary to extraordinary, and you will discover that your world is vast and your life is infinite.

You may look for possibilities in the past, so now, we will help you and embrace infinite possibilities with you in the future.

Life should not have limits. So don’t limit your dreams.

Create the future and cultivate a quality lifestyle.

What do you think?

Our Vision

Unwilling to be ordinary, achieve greatness in the ordinary. Become a globally renowned collective economic ecosystem, nurturing high-quality individual lives.

Our Mission

Through the integrated operation principles of capital, community, and industry – the “Capital Community Nexus,” combined with a group of partners who share common values and take proactive actions. We aim to achieve an everlasting cycle of enterprise development and community profit growth. This is achieved by leveraging capital operations and ensuring a solid foundation. It leads to an abundant and shared way of life!



Chairman of C1Q2

Sky Wan, also known as Wan Nyuk Ming, is a capitalist, corporate professional, and international marketing coach. With over 30 years of extensive experience, he has made his mark in various fields including insurance, direct sales, franchising, the internet, education, and tourism.

In addition to serving as the chairman of C1Q2, he is also the chairman of the listed company Yingzi Group, the chairman of Philomaxcap AG, and the founder and managing director of Philocity Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

In the new era of business, he possesses a keen market perception and judgment. He is dedicated to areas such as corporate management and team structuring, domestic and international marketing, management planning, strategy and motivation, systematic education, and performance development.

Sky Wan’s motto: “Perseverance leads to perfection” has driven him to overcome countless challenges. It has paved the way for the creation of various milestones and garnered numerous successes, including the establishment of a company with over 3 million customers.

Beyond his remarkable management career, Sky Wan is also a renowned motivational speaker. He has delivered over 3,000 speeches and accumulated more than 30,000 hours of dynamic seminar experience. His vibrant seminars held across Asia successfully attract tens of thousands of attendees.

Sky Wan’s leadership style and professional knowledge have made him a highly respected corporate leader. His dedication and relentless perseverance set him as a role model in the business world, making him a leading figure.

“Perseverance leads to perfection.”



Chief Executive Officer of C1Q2

“Life is a journey of self-cultivation;It is a trip, and also a spiritual cultivation!”

Nic Lim, or Lin Zuxian, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of C1Q2. Concurrently, he is the Executive Director of Feile City Rong Holdings Limited in both Malaysia and Germany, the Supervisor of Feile Changben Public Limited Company – a main board-listed company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany, and the Executive Financial Advisor of WNLV, a company listed on the U.S. OTC market.

Having been affiliated with two of the global top 100 direct-sales companies, Nic held roles as the Assistant Vice President of Sales and Distributor Development and as the Regional Director for Southeast Asia. His credentials are impressive, boasting over 20 years of hands-on experience in team marketing and retail, as well as over 10 years in ISO standardized management practices. He is a practitioner and Chief Auditor of ISO QMS.

Moreover, Nic provided professional consultancy services to one of the top direct-sales companies in Taipei, Taiwan. With over 15 years as a professional business coach, he has participated in various corporate training programs and sales and marketing events. Under his leadership, related business sectors experienced an average sales growth of more than 75%.

Beyond managing distributor relationships, he is tasked with overseeing strategies for coaching the scale of distributor and consumer markets, distributor training, learning seminars, sales activities, and incentive measures for distributors.

Furthermore, Nic is a practitioner of corporate finance and an internationally recognized senior business consultant. He graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in Educational Psychology and Counseling. In addition to these accolades, Nic is a certified senior NLP coach in the U.S., a senior hypnotherapy practitioner, a senior timeline therapist, and a practitioner of language and behavioral counseling programs.

In the surging business seas of this new era, Nic stands out as one of the rare few who can seamlessly integrate a multitude of skills. He masterfully combines “capital”, “management”, “marketing”, “training”, and “strategy”. On the business stage, he shines as an invaluable elite leader and is viewed as a pioneering role model many seek to emulate.



Chief Operating Officer of C1Q2

Freddy Lee currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for C1Q2. He is an alumnus of the University of Southern Queensland, holding degrees in Information Technology and Networking. With over 16 years of experience in operational performance management and system data analysis, he has demonstrated exceptional professional expertise and commendable managerial skills in this domain.

As a seasoned leader brimming with innovative ideas, Freddy offers outstanding comprehensive professional advice in operational management. He has an eye for the minutiae without losing sight of the broader strategy, bringing tangible benefits to the company through his unique insights and profound understanding.

Freddy Lee’s interpersonal experiences with both domestic and international companies, as well as governmental bodies, have endowed him with a distinctive global perspective. He adeptly integrates global trends and developments into the company’s strategic direction, helping maintain a competitive edge in international markets.

In his role as Deputy Chairman of Operations, Freddy is responsible for formulating plans to enhance the company’s operational management and overall business performance. He collaborates effectively with the management, driving synergies in business management, which includes reducing operational costs and spearheading process improvement initiatives. Under his leadership and coordination, the team has achieved remarkable results.

“Excellence begins with attention to detail; success lies in execution.”



Chief Marketing Officer of C1Q2

True success is achieved by fulfilling the dreams of many.

As the Chief Operating Officer at C1Q2, Tony Ow has demonstrated outstanding performance in the company’s operations under his leadership and management.

Tony brings with him years of industry experience, having held multiple senior management positions in various fields. He is dedicated to building efficient operational teams and coordinating efforts across departments to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Tony believes that effective operations management is key to a company’s success, and he strives to ensure that every aspect of C1Q2 operates smoothly to achieve its long-term development objectives.

Throughout his career, Tony has shown excellent leadership skills and communication abilities. He is capable of inspiring team members to pursue excellence together and has established good working relationships with colleagues at all levels. As the Chief Operating Officer at C1Q2, Tony is committed to working closely with the entire team to develop and implement innovative operational strategies, driving the company’s continuous growth and success.



Chief Strategy Officer of C1Q2

As the Chief Strategy Officer at C1Q2, IZXEN HONG is responsible for deploying strategic plans that are both long-term and aligned with market demands. IZXEN’s goal is to lead C1Q2 to success in the ever-changing market environment.

With extensive experience and outstanding abilities in strategic planning, IZXEN brings deep industry insights and forward-thinking approaches to help C1Q2 develop and implement innovative strategic plans to address market challenges and seize opportunities. He excels at analyzing market trends and competitive landscapes, providing the company with strategic advice and direction.

In addition to his excellent strategic planning abilities,IZXEN possesses exceptional leadership and team collaboration skills. He works closely with team members to develop and execute strategic plans, ensuring the achievement of the company’s overall objectives.

“Actions speak louder than words, and integrity lies in aligning one’s words with actions.”

Our Value Our Value Our Value Our Value Our Value Our Value Our Value Our Value

Embrace future challenges, dare to think, act, express, and breakthrough ourselves. Despite the challenges, setbacks, or failures, we must swim upstream.


Remember the original intention, maintain a positive, optimistic mindset and attitude, and make the impossible possible.


Opens a new concept of mutual prosperity, replace competition with cooperation, creates a harmonious and win-win environment, and leads the new market trend.


Be genuine, treat people with sincerity and good deeds, move with emotion and understand with reason, and continue to deliver positive energy to every corner of the world.