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C1Q2 Leadership Conference

During these two days at the C1Q2 Leadership Conference, we jointly underwent a fulfilling and profoundly meaningful journey. This meeting not only provided us with valuable learning opportunities but...

12 Dec 2023

NDT Day 2

🌟 C1Q2 NDT Training, Day Two Successfully Concludes! Thanks to every C1 Q2 distributor for their enthusiastic participation and efforts, making this day vibrant and fruitful! 🚀 Today’s sessions...

22 Nov 2023

NDT Day 1

🌟 C1Q2 NDT Training Day One, November 21, 2023, Spectacularly Begins! 🙌 A big thank you to C1Q2 CEO Nic Lim, Organizational Business General Manager Jasmond Ng, Business Head Coach Teacher Moon,...

21 Nov 2023