Exquisite Nutritional Mastery, Genuine Artisanal Elegance, Crafted Brilliance in Every Facet

Unique Potent Active
Nutritional Components

High-Efficiency Nutrients

Does Not Involve Complicated Digestion,
Rapid Nutrients Absorption

One-Stop SOLÉSE Supply Chain, Product Traceability

Boasting a comprehensive, rigorous, and high-standard bird’s nest production chain, from breeding to product development and production, each step is interlinked to produce the most efficient high-tech Solése product series.

Traceability of Raw Material Origin

The Golden Swiftlets are sourced from one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the highest bird’s nest production, located at the south of Malaysia, where it is the globally distinctive proprietary swiftlet garden, comprising 400 swiftlet houses and covered nearly 200,000 square meters.

The bird city is built in Bio Desaru Valley, a world-class pristine island ecological environment, providing the best food chain nurturing for the Golden Swiftlets during mating and breeding stages.


Excellent and Efficient Nutritional Value

SOLÉSE embodies the core value of top-notch excellence in bird’s nest peptides, blending with the traditional wellness concepts and modern technology. Using our patented extraction technology, sialic acids and peptides from the treasured bird’s nest are being extracted. Its ultra-fine molecules of glycoprotein peptides are being able to absorb easily by the human body, which can promote the regenerative ability of human stem cell tissues.

Active Nutritional Ingredients

Bird’s Nest Extract (Active Bird’s Nest Peptides)

Marine Fish Collagen Peptide


Clinically Proven Efficacy

Stem Cells Revitalisation

Research shows that bird’s nest extract promotes the regenerative ability of human stem cells.

  • Promotes stem cell repair and regeneration, speeding up wound healing within 72 hours.
  • Solése S promotes stem cell proliferation and increases healing capability by up to 2 times!
  • Protect skin barrier function
  • Skin brightening and whitening for a radiant texture
  • Moisturize and smoothen skin
  • Restore skin structure and improve skin elasticity
  • Repair scars and rejuvenate skin
  • Improve brain cognitive function
  • Improve focus and sleeping quality
  • Strengthen immunity and enhance performance

Saviour of Osteoarthritis

Studies have shown that bird’s nest extracts act as cartilage protectant, improve the regeneration of chondrocytes in osteoarthritic knees.

  • Effectively improve bone and joint pain and reduce inflammation by more than 3 times within 2 months!
  • Repair and proliferate cartilage cells up to 2 times within 2 months!
  • Repairs damaged joint and cartilage tissues, promotes connective tissue regeneration.
  • Alleviates joint and muscle pain, accelerates bone and joint recovery.

Guardian of Great Health

Research shows that bird’s nest extract produces cytotoxic effects on breast cancer cells, leading cancer cells to enter self-destruction mode (apoptosis).

  • Inhibits cancer cells spreading and accelerates apoptosis rate of cancer cells by 20% within 3 days!
  • Prevent cancer cells and tumor growth up to 10 times and reduce the progression of cancer cells!
  • Activate healthy stem cells effectively within 3 days and accelerate the repair and healing ability of damaged cells.
  • Anti-cancer and prevents tumour growth.
  • Reduces tumor markers, suppress cancer cell proliferation and tumor progression.
  • Serves as the best nutritional supplement during and after surgery.
  • Accelerates stem cells and healthy cells, repairs and improves healing abilities.

Cooperation with Multiple Research Institutions

Over 15 years of collaborative research and development with multiple world-ranked universities, continually supporting the research of bird’s nest peptides.

  • Nano certified products
  • Certified Biotech Product Recognized by Malaysian Bioeconomy Corporation (BiotechCorp)
  • Tested and Certified by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM)
  • Faculty of Medicine,National University of Malaysia
  • Institute of Bioproduct Development,University Technology Malaysia
  • Department of Food Science and Technology, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Malaysian Institute for Medical Research (IMR)

Authoritative Certification, Quality Assurance

The manufacturing and production processes strictly adheres to stringent food safety and hygiene standards. It has also undergone strict inspections by multiple authoritative institutions, earning several Malaysian food safety certifications.

Muslim-friendly, the food manufacturing process strictly adheres to the standards of the World Halal Council, receiving Halal certification from the Hong Kong Islamic Food Research Centre (IFRC ASIA) and ISO certificates.

How to Use SOLÉSE?

Pour the essences into an empty cup.
Add approximately 150 ml of warm water (40-60°C).
Stir well and drink immediately.

SOLÉSE is suitable for people with

  • Men: Improve energy, not prone to illnesses, increase physical strength and fitness.
  • Women: Maintain skin structure, moisturize, and smoothen skin, and improve firmness.
  • Elderlies: Improve neurodegenerative diseases, regulate gastrointestinal discomfort, physical weakness, chronic pain, and other health problems.
  • Children: Enhance learning and cognitive abilities, solve frailty issues, shorten recovery time, and enhance physical strength.
  • Pregnant Women: Strengthen future newborn babies with fairer skin, stronger and increase resistance towards illnesses.