C1Q2 First Entrepreneur Seminar

The first Entrepreneur Seminar in 2023 has concluded successfully on January 15, 2023. The response was overwhelming and it was a great success. At the same time, the war drum of 2023 is beating, and the momentum is high that everyone feels motivated and ready to move forward.

The seminar has attracted many post-90s and post-00s to attend, as well as the entrepreneurs from different industries, joining the seminar to learn about the business opportunity, which is also an advantageous opportunity. It reflected that the market is still open to the healthcare industry and direct selling, and even the young people also expressed a positive attitude at the health care market and also invested in the business with a light business model.

In addition, C1Q2 also introduced a new product series in the seminar. With a one-stop comprehensive health system product series, users can maintain their health in a busy life and continue to challenge every day. The new product series include spleen and stomach food (Kouso Plus), cell food (Klamath, KMS), Urban Health food (MGZ, NYCM, NYMS, NYVS), skin beautifying food (AMAIZE) and etc.

On the C1Q2 communication platform, the experts of various industries exchange business experience, sharing experience on how to integrate resources after the pandemic, also enhance market competitiveness and capture more win-win business opportunities.

The Entrepreneur Seminar has been successfully concluded. If you miss the event, you can follow our platform to get latest information about the next event or contact our associates.