Unleash Your Strength with AdRENALine Rush

The Best Companion

to Protect the Body Filter

Strengthen kidney function
Boost vitality and immunity

Regulate urinary tract inflammation

Support overall men’s health

Improve urination problems

Enhance ‘S’ function

Malaysian delicacies are the Top 1 killer of kidney disease!

One out of every seven Malaysians suffers from kidney disease, and there are over 9,000 people’s condition had worsened to the stage of dialysis every year!
Nearly 70% of kidney dialysis patients suffer from diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease include: Pale complexion, bloated
and oedema, blood in urine, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, nocturia,
urethral inflammation, bladder pain, listless, loss of enthusiasm and lower back

Proprietary Cultivation


Fermentation Technology


  • Cultivated with carefully selected wild Cordyceps species from the plateau regions of Qinghai Province, Tibet.


  • After genetic identification, the active fungal strains are cultivated using biotechnology and inoculated with the exclusive culture medium by using unique fungal solid-state fermentation technology and proprietary processing technique to cultivate Cordyceps.


  • Under the strictly controlled indoor artificial cultivation environment of Cordyceps fruiting bodies, the safety and stability of the product’s quality and efficacy has been assured, whereby the biological activity and functionality are comparable to the wild Cordyceps.

Himalayan Natural “Viagra”

Contains synergistic nutrients to enhance physical
strength by nourishing the kidneys and lungs!

Clinically Proven Effectiveness

High Quality Assurance

Vegetarian Friendly

Plant-based culture medium that does not contain any insects or animal ingredients.

Organic Certification

Active ingredients do not contain pesticides, heavy metals and pollutants.

Premium Quality Breeds

Scientifically identified as pure Tibetan Cordyceps species.

NYMS Consumption Guide

For optimal health: Twice a day with two tablets each time.
It is recommended to chew properly for better absorption.
Do not drink any coffee or beverages containing caffeine and alcohol 30 minutes before or after taking this product.
Please allow at least a 2-hour interval between taking any medicine, especially blood thinners, anticoagulants, or other health products.

suitable for

  • Feel tired easily, listless and low productivity
  • Backaches, colds, and low immunity
  • Urinary incontinence, frequent urination and nocturia
  • Urinary tract inflammation and difficulty urinating
  • Kidney diseases, kidney stones, kidney hardening
  • Kidney failure caused by diabetes, excessive drinking and medication